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Calling a Locksmith – What you need to know

calling a locksmith With our busy lifestyles it’s usually only a matter of time before you get locked out of your home or your car and need a locksmith to come over and help you back in. Many times people calling a locksmith to have specific locks replaced on their doors or just to re key a lock so that someone who has a copy of the older key cannot gain access to a property.

A few simple tips before calling a locksmith can not only insure that you receive the service you are entitled to but will also help the locksmith expedite your service call as well as make sure that they arrived prepared on the location with the specific tools and key blanks that they will need to complete the job to your satisfaction.

Finding a great locksmith and Before calling a locksmith:

1. make sure to have the full address of the location where your require the service (including the zip code). If you are locked out of your car and are on the road try and locate a business in the area that the locksmith can look up on his GPS so that he can reach you faster. Also, make sure the locksmith you are contacting is close in your area, and is a known locksmith.

2. Let the locksmith know any information you have about the type of lock, door, vehicle etc when placing the order (for example if you are calling for an ignition key make sure to have the make, model, year and color of your vehicle handy). If you know what type of locks you have installed on your door make sure to mention that over the phone as well.

3. Make sure to ask the locksmith if the work provided comes with any type of guarantee or warranty.

4. If you do not have the legal permission to access a property or a car you will need to get written consent from the owner before any work can be completed at your location. Most locksmith companies will ask you to send over a consent form from the owner confirming they are allowing you to permit access to their property or their vehicle on their behalf.

Once the locksmith arrives at your location in and asses the job he will most likely be able to give you a set price for the work before he starts working.

If you are happy with the service the locksmith has provided you it is highly recommended to save their number on your cell phone – you never know when you will need to be calling a locksmith service again. Many companies also offer discounts to returning customers.

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