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Q: What forms of payment to do you accept?

A: We accept cash, and all major credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, AMEX and Discover Card.

Q: Is it worth fixing a lock if it’s broken?

A: In most cases a broken lock mechanism cannot be repaired. For peace of mind, you should always replace your broken lock with a new one

Q: Should I use WD-40 or Graphite in my locks?

A: The answer is easy... Don't ever use either one in your vehicle locks. WD-40 and similar petroleum based lubricants can, over time dry into a sticky film that not only inhibits the moving parts inside the lock but also traps the dirt and road grime leading to all sorts of lock failure. Graphite is the lubricant of choice for house, office, hotel type locks. In this application it works great. Vehicle locks are a whole different animal. Because the locks come from the factory pre-greased, putting graphite in them is only going to make mud. For the health and longevity of your vehicle locks we recommend using a Teflon or silicon based lube. These are found in most hardware and home improvement stores. The particular brand that we use is Tri-Flow, but there are many others that work just as well.

Q: When should I call a locksmith?

A: There are many situations in which it is a good idea to call a locksmith. At 24 Hour Emergency Locksmiths we can provide you with any locksmith service that you need. We make keys for homes, offices and cars. We install security hardware (such as deadbolts) and access control systems. We can give you advice for your particular security need. We can help you gain access to your home, office, or car if you happen to get locked out. You name it, we can help you with it. If for some reason we cannot help you with something, we will work with you to assist you to find someone who can. Your safety is our main concern.

Q: Can I get a locksmith to attend evenings or weekends?

A: Yes, we can get a locksmith to you evenings and weekends and in most cases when booked in advance, will be at no extra cost.

Q: Should I call a locksmith immediately after a burglary?

A: Before calling out a repair locksmith it is usually best to contact the police and, if applicable, your home or buildings insurance. The police prefer to view a crime scene before any contractors such as locksmiths are involved.

Q: Is there a Service Call charge?

A: Yes, there is a one time $14 service call charge to dispatch a LOCKSMITH out to you.

Q: How do I call out an emergency locksmith for an immediate door opening service?

A: Just pick up the phone and dial 1800 251 8155 and we will be there in 20 min...

Q: I’m locked out of my car can you help?

A: Yes, our Locksmiths are able to gain access to all types of vehicles.

Q: Can you send a locksmith in an emergency?

A: Yes, we can but If you’re locked out! Our emergency Locksmiths can be with you within 20 minutes... I case of  life emergency... you should first call the fire deportment or the police. It is safer and recommended to deal in a life emergency with the authorities. You know the saying "better safe then sorry". Then just call us, we will address your lock problem a.s.a.p!

Q: Is Elite Mobile Locksmith a 24hrs service?

A: Yes, is available 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Q: Should I attempt to remove a broken key?

A: If you call us to help, please refrain from poking at the broken key while you waiting. Please hang on to the other part of the key to show the locksmith.

Q: What do I do whilst waiting for the locksmith?

A: If you have a mobile phone, please don't turn it off. Please ensure that it is not set on divert or vibrator. And please don't spend the whole time you're waiting for the locksmith actually on your phone, make sure to save your battery life!

Best Locksmith to Call

Feb 12, 2014 by happy Customer

Elite Mobile Locksmith is a great locksmith company to call they have been around for years as far as i know now over 10 years in the bay they never failed me I\'ve used them for years and will use them as long as they are around! 800-251-8155 15466 Los Gatos Blvd Los Gatos CA, 95032 USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 Elite Mobile Locksmith is a great locksmith company to call they have been around for years as far as i know now over 10 years in the bay they never failed me I\'ve used them for y

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